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Factory Prefabrication Products (Pipe Spooling)
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Stainless Steel Products-Pipe Spooling
Stainless Steel Products-Pipe Spooling
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Factory Prefabrication Introduction
(Pipe Spooling)
The factory prefabrication of industrial pipeline refers to that plants use pipeline information software to have a centralized management of pipe sections with a single line drawing, and give full play to plant’s advantages in machinery and technological process to ensure the quality of pipeline and to improve the work efficiency. It reduces customer’s investment in manpower, site and equipment, shortens the time limit for a project, and achieves a zero inventory of piping products.
Factory Prefabrication Advantage 1. Highly improve the quality of piping products and increase the efficiency of construction on site
2. Greatly reduce the purchase cost and achieve the zero inventory for the purchasers
3. Furthest shorten the total construction process
Factory Prefabrication Process 1. Drawing Optimization Design
2. Drawing Transformation
3. Raw Materials Purchase & Inspection
4. Making the Plan for the Prefabricated Products
5. Making Prefabricated Components & Inspection
6. Assembling Prefabricated Products & Inspection
7. Packing Prefabricated Products
8. Delivering Prefabricated Products
Material Grade

· 20 - 20G - 12Cr1MoVG - 15CrMoG
· WPB - WPL6 - WP11 - WP22
· P235GH - P265GH
· WPHY60 - WPHY65 - WPHY70
· WP316L - WP321H
· A105 - LF2 - F11 - F22
· F60 - F65 - F70
· F316L - F321H

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